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Teletherapy Services Now Available

Online Therapy is a safe and convenient way to receive therapy services (Speech, Occupational, Physical) form home. Because teletherapy can be done from anywhere and at any time, your child’s therapy can be received in a way that is more convenient for you. You will also save on drive time, and gas. An added benefit is that you do not have to venture out into a world that is unsafe at this time

Online Therapy providers do the same job as clinic based and in-home therapists providing therapy services and administering assessments. Therapists can do evaluations and determine treatment goals, track progress and effectively communicate with parents and other providers.

The technology needed for online therapy is a computer or tablet with, a microphone, camera and headphones, and an up-to-date browser with Internet connection. Our therapists will assist you when setting up your online account; a session of online therapy is as easy as logging in to the therapist’s private therapy room.

Just like clinic based and in-home therapists we plan activities that target each individual’s goals with engaging, interactive activities targeting appropriate for a variety of ages and conditions.

Parents and caregivers not always get to see or participate of what their child is doing in therapy at a clinic or even at home. This is a barrier for caregivers who want to know how to help their child achieve their goals. With online therapy parents not only get to participate and to be more aware of their child’s progress, but they are able to assist and observe how the therapists works with the child to improve carryover of learned skills to daily routines.

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