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"My son has been attending HA for over 5 years now. Not only has my son made progress in verbal performance but the associates have taught him socialization with peers using incidental teaching. He has taken a teenager who arrives tired from a 7 hour school day and reigneted his energy and focus to answerer "wh" questions, order in a restaurant and participate in sports and other outings, all while having fun. Your associates have been an asset, an inspiration, a mentor and a friend and we are lucky and proud to continue our professional relationship with the staff."

M. Mancone

"HA has been working with my son Jahan for about 4 years now. We have seen great progress with the development of his speech as well as breaking through security and sensory issues. He has become the most important factor in my sons development and for any hope of future development to come. We consider ourselves blessed to have found Herman and Associates, and we highly recommend them to any family considering them for their child's therapies."

P. Feghhi-Levine

"Jeff Herman has significantly changed the quality of life for our son, Sam. Sam had difficult eating and swallowing without choking as a toddler. Through intensive therapy, endless patience coupled with a terrific sense of humor, Jeff was able to teach Sam to accept a variety of textures, chew and swallow."

Tim, Julie & Sam

My name is Chelsey mother to Jax who was born premature at 24 weeks back in 2015. Since we started working with Terryl, Jax has shown great improvement in his ability to say colors, numbers, animal names & what sounds they make. He is also now showing the desire to vocalize his wants and thoughts. Terryl is truly great with Jax and very patient with him which to me is the most important quality for any teacher to have especially since he is still very young and does tend to throw temper tantrums do to the oh so fun terrible twos he’s going through. I highly recommend Terryl to any parent in need of a patient, kind and caring teacher.


"I couldn't feel in better hands than I do by working with Mrs. Lidia Romero MS. CCC-SLP as part of Herman & Associates. Among the most important things I have come to value is they know my son Daniel better than anyone other than myself. This means that they will be able to not only provide him with the specific therapy he needs to build his language and articulation, but also able to provide the motivation Daniel needs to work hard and enjoy his time. I wish there were more therapists like Herman & Associates in this world to help our children grow and develop"

A. Garcia

"My son who happens to have a diagnosis of Autism has been seeing Herman & Associates for the past 3 years and the result has been amazing. All the therapists have fostered a wonderful, caring and trusting relationship with my son. Through use of PROMPT and other appropriate techniques, my son's speech has grown tremendously. When there were issues with our insurance, we wanted to continue to pay out of pocket so that our son continued to get the speech therapy that makes such a huge difference in his life. I highly recommend the team at Herman & Associates Pediatric Specialists, Inc."

K. Mendez