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"My name is Tara Drewes, my daughter Lola has been seeing Terryl for speech therapy for the past few months. I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with not only the progress my daughter is making, I am very thankful for Terryl's dedication to her job as well as her support to us as family. She is constantly giving us tips on how to continue our work with Lola during the week. My daughter loves working with her and is so engaged while she is here, she looks forward to their time together. Ms. Gattling is a professional and caring therapist and we are happy to have her working with our family.

This can be such an overwhelming time for a parent waiting for a child to "catch up" or making a decision to be screened, it's comforting to know that we have a an amazing team with Lola's speech therapist and occupational therapist." - T. Drewes

"I am the mother of a three year old boy who has been diagnosed with autism since two years of age. Before beginning therapy my son was not using any words to communicate and was full of frustration. He was also very delayed in regards to his motor skills and cognitive skills. After beginning a therapy schedule with Herman & Associates Pediatric Specialists consisting of speech, physical, and occupational therapy my son has progressed tremendously and has reduced the gap in all the areas he is delayed in. The therapists really encourage parent involvement so that we as parents can carry on therapy goals and strategies at home thus being most effective in my childs rate of progress. My son has three angels in his life named Alicia Sperrazza (Speech Language Pathologist), Mackenzie Palau (Occupational Therapist), and Janel Ricque (Physical Therapist) and I am grateful for them every day. They have changed our lives for the better." - A. Kurth


"Jeff Herman has significantly changed the quality of life for our son, Sam. Sam had difficult eating and swallowing without choking as a toddler. Through intensive therapy, endless patience coupled with a terrific sense of humor, Jeff was able to teach Sam to accept a variety of textures, chew and swallow." -Tim, Julie & Sam

"Our son was born with a significant speech delay. Dr. Herman began working with him at six months of age, and through the years our son has reaped the rewards of Jeff's expertise. This has not only improved his articulation, allowing him to communicate with family and peers, but more importantly it has given him the confidence and self esteem to actively participate in the classroom and in his community." -The Hagans

"The Hanen Program has been the most helpful and inspiring thing we've done since my son's diagnosis on the Autism spectrum! The strategies, tips, and discussions have given us a lot of hope and a lot of ideas for working with Gavin's ability and desire to communicate. Being able to speak with others who are going through the same thing has been helpful, too. But, by far one of our favorite things if having Alicia teach it! She's energetic, passionate and knows her stuff! She's patient, answers all our questions with great ideas, and is able to share things from her experiences that enable us as parents to make a more significant impact in our children's lives. The video taped individual sessions are awesome because they give insight into the individual peculiarities of each child, providing even more specific advice to implement the strategies and work on them at home. I highly recommend the Hanen Program to anyone whose child struggles to communicate. And with Alicia teaching it, you'll learn a ton and have a lot of fun in the process!" -A. Youngblood

"My son has been attending HA for over 5 years now. Not only has my son made progress in verbal performance but the associates have taught him socialization with peers using incidental teaching. He has taken a teenager who arrives tired from a 7 hour school day and reigneted his energy and focus to answerer "wh" questions, order in a restaurant and participate in sports and other outings, all while having fun. Your associates have been an asset, an inspiration, a mentor and a friend and we are lucky and proud to continue our professional relationship with the staff." -M. Mancone

"HA has been working with my son Jahan for about 4 years now. We have seen great progress with the development of his speech as well as breaking through security and sensory issues. He has become the most important factor in my sons development and for any hope of future development to come. We consider ourselves blessed to have found Herman and Associates, and we highly recommend them to any family considering them for their child's therapies." -P. Feghhi-Levine

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